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HAVING PHONE LINE TROUBLE? - Get phone lines for your Nortel over the Internet - read more!


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We do not charge for quoting a replacement system (in a couple of different ways) for your Nortel, its good to have a plan in place. We can also pre-survey your system so we know the names of extensions and other settings, thus speeding up the process if we ever get the call from you that your phones have gone dark.


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Updated 2-22-19

System Upgrade


Don't want to give up your vintage phone system yet? Energize it with fresh new phone lines! You can now use the Internet to provide phone lines to your vintage Nortel (or other) Phone system. Don't wait for a call from the phone company saying you need to switch to fiber lines and a new phone system. That does not need to happen.

Regular copper lines have been in use for over 50 years and are being phased out. The wires have gotten unreliable and the phone company will not replace them if you get static on your lines or if one line does not work anymore. Many times after a storm, our customers have called us saying they cant make or receieve calls.. typically this is always phone line related - even if the phone company says it is your phone ststems fault. Then why do the lines improve once the weather has dried out?

The engineers at IP Office Techs have developed a service that connects your vintage system to the modern world. Check out the following features and benefits:

  • Uses your current Internet service
  • More reliable - no static, buzzing
  • No more outages when phone lines get wet
  • Faster deployment for additional phone numbers
  • If Internet goes down calls get routed to your cell phone - automatically!
  • If you don't currently have voicemail - it is now included in this offer
  • Lower cost overall
  • Interfaces with any phone system using standard analog copper lines
  • Very low international rates (ask us what the rates are for the countries you call)
  • Works with Nortel, Norstar, Avaya IP Office, Avaya Partner, Toshiba, Mitel, Panasonic, Sanyo, ESI, Comdial, Executone, Inter-Tel, NEC and more.

In the majority of cases we can connect your phone system over your current Internet connection which enters your business over rugged and protected coax or fiber lines. And no, you do not need a special phone adapter from your Internt provider to make this happen. We do it all without any additional charges from them, and you can cancel your current phone service.

Starts at $30 per concurrent call - for example if your phone has 3 line buttons the cost would be $90 per month, and comes with 4000 LD minutes. Save $5 per concurrent call when ordering 4 lines or more.

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Avaya has been a leader in onsite wired phone systems for over 20 years.  The IP Office Platform which we quote below has the largest installed base of any phone system.  See our IP Office Techs Website for more details. The IP Office uses the same cabling as your current Nortel and can also use the same phone lines or upgrade to a low cost SIP trunk service with us.  (Phone lines over Internet). See the below table for sample pricing.

The Star2Star system is a modern solution featuring the latest IP phones using a hosted platform with full redundancy.  See our Star2Star Website for more details.  The Star2Star system is referenced in the cost table below. Costs are given as an outright purchase with monthly service for phone lines or an All Inclusive plan which includes rental of the system plus the monthly charges for phone line.  You can realize monthly cost savings with this solution as you can cancel your current service with the cable company or ATT.  The phone lines are sources over your current Ineternet connection.  And service to your customers is maintained - even if the Internet should go down.  

All phones feature paper less displays, speaker phone, and headset jack.  VoiP phones have color displays and spare gigabit connection port for your PC or MAC.  Therefore you do not need an extra network cable at each location. Some VoiP phones feature touchscreens and Bluetooth headset capability.

Avaya 9508

Polycom 401

Polycom 601

Polycom Treo Conference Phone

Yealink T46S

Yealink T48S

Following are approximate prices for a new replacement phone system (parts and labor) - call for quotes on more than 14 phones.  We can go up to 256 phones or more with a multi site configuration.

Column C is for the Avaya IP Office phone system using the same wiring and phone lines as your current Nortel System. There is a 2 year warranty on parts (labor extra). We also can provide a gently used off-lease Avaya IP Office System for 25-35% less than the below prices.

Column D, E, and F is for an all Voice over IP (VoiP Star2Star) system using your data network wiring (one wire for both phone and PC at each location)

Column D and E is a purchase option of the VoiP system. Column D is cost for the phones, router, and installation charge.  Column E is the monthly charge for the phone lines, maintenance and feature rich web based services. The phone line charges are included, so you can cancel your old phone bill

Column F is for a rental option for the VoiP system, there is no installation or upfront charge. The phone line charges and maintenance are included, so you can cancel your old phone bill

A: Number of PhonesB: Number of Lines (up to)C: Avaya IP Office PurchasedD: VoIP System Purch Install ChgE: VoIP System  Monthly ChgF: VoiP System All Inclusive