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Nationwide Onsite or Remote Service for Nortel Phone Systems


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First time customers or for any service first fill out our new customer form - click the blue button

We will need this filled in before we can discuss servicing your Nortel needs, it provides us with a background so we can better serve you and be ready for your questions! 


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We do not charge for quoting a replacement system (in a couple of different ways) for your Nortel, its good to have a plan in place. We can also pre-survey your system so we know the names of extensions and other settings, thus speeding up the process if we ever get the call from you that your phones have gone dark.


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Updated 2-22-19

Emergency Service

If your system is partially down, fully down, or appears to be only working marginally - follow the steps outlined in PART ONE below.  We can begin working with you typically within an hour.  If it's the whole system or just the voicemail, we have a plan to put you and your business back online, ready to take calls from customers.


Register with us and check to see what can be done quickly with your system to see if it can be brought back online.


We provide a temporary solution with automated attendant, call routing and voicemail to email functionality. This temporary solution can be put into place within an hour or two as long as all the steps required of you have been completed.  It includes remote voicemail and auto attendant - insuring you will not miss a call.  


At this point it may be determined that it is not feasible to bring your original Nortel system back online quickly. We can provide you with some or all of the choices outlined below.

  1. FIll in our new customer form: CLICK HERE
  2. Call us at 800.204.0992
  3. Provide us with your credit card info.  We will need a retainer of $150 for the first hour to walk you through the steps in PART ONE
  4. We guide you through the steps needed in order to attempt to bring the system back online
  5. The problem will be solved or we will summarize what options you have at this point such as PART TWO, PART THREE or other appropriate option.

  1. Fill in our phone system data collection form. This form will tell us how to program your temporary solution. We will emai this to you. 
  2. Accept the term and cost for this temporary solution. A fee schedule is at the bottom of this web page. 
  3. We implement the data and bring your system online. 
  4. You call your phone service provider and tell them to forward your main phone numbers to temporary numbers we provide to you
  5. The temporary solution is tested by us then approved by you. 
  6. We begin PART THREE 

  1. Provide cost (if possible) to repair existing Nortel system or replace some of the original equipment
  2. Replace system with a modern Voice over IP system that is either purchased or rented (for the rented version there is no money down)
  3. Replace system with a new or recently off lease wired system that uses the same phone cabling and phone lines as your Nortel system,  These systems are available as a purchase option only.
  4. Continue to use the temporary system in a permanent role and fine tune its operation. Yearly contracts have savings over the month to month option.


Number of Phones+Lines
Number of Phones+Lines
1-6 Setup $200 + Per Month $140
21-30 Setup $450 + Per Month $280
7-12 Setup $300 + Per Month $180
31-40 Setup $510 + Per Month $320
13-20 Setup $380 + Per Month $220
40-50 Setup $600 + Per Month $360

The Number of Phones+Lines relates to the number of phone lines we have routed into the temporary system PLUS the number of cell phones ringing.  

For example you have one main phone lines connected to the system and there are 2 phones you would like to ring when main calls come in.  Plus you have a separate service number you would like to ring two other phones.  Total Phones/Lines would be 1+2+1+2 or 6 Phones+Lines.

Included in this cost are voicemail to email per line and 2 levels of auto attendant - which could be day and night or one main auto attendant + one for the service department.