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HAVING PHONE LINE TROUBLE? - Get phone lines for your Nortel over the Internet - read more!


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We do not charge for quoting a replacement system (in a couple of different ways) for your Nortel, its good to have a plan in place. We can also pre-survey your system so we know the names of extensions and other settings, thus speeding up the process if we ever get the call from you that your phones have gone dark.


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Updated 2-22-19

About Us

Started in 2002, IP Office Techs has been providing Telecom Solutions to Nortel Customers. We sell & service directly to our customers, but we also have been chosen by more than 20 Avaya Business Partners to service their customers locally onsite and also remotely for their clients wherever they may be located.

With a background in Telecom and Network Engineering, our techs are fully certified yet have the experience and people skills to have your system installed right the first time, or take the time to get to the root of an ongoing issue. Just one call and you'll see that you have found a caring company to service your telecom needs.

IP Office Techs is well positioned to give the customer a complete end-to-end solution for their technology infrastructure. Whether it's a system from Avaya or Nortel - or an Ethernet switch or router, we have the experience and referrals to back it up!

Let's get started, fill in our new customer form , then call 800.204.0992 and a skilled tech will discuss your options.