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We will need this filled in before we can discuss servicing your Nortel needs, it provides us with a background so we can better serve you and be ready for your questions! 


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We only provide remote support for systems outside of Wisconsin.  We can work with your network support tech to be our eyes and ears if you cannot find a company locally.



We do not charge for quoting a replacement system (in a couple of different ways) for your Nortel, its good to have a plan in place. We can also pre-survey your system so we know the names of extensions and other settings, thus speeding up the process if we ever get the call from you that your phones have gone dark.


We are excited to present to you our Facebook page, which we will keep current with whats happening in our techscape, please feel free to join in on the discussion!


Updated 2-22-19



Serving Nortel Customers since 2002, we are your complete and reliable Nortel service connection. We offer many different plans to fit your budget. From remote or onsite system support to an all-inclusive maintenance plan, we have the services to meet your needs and budget. Our office is staffed by technicians - one is always available by phone. 

We also can provide remote service and support to end users and other telephone service companies - no matter if you are on the East or West coast or somewhere in between.

If you have an immediate service need, please call us at 800-204-0992.

Let us service you, fill in our new customer form now, or just call in and we'll get your info over the phone.

We Service the Folllowing Nortel Systems

  • Norstar Compact ICS
  • Norstar Modular ICS
  • Nortel BCM 50
  • Nortel BCM 400
  • Nortel BCM 45
  • Nortel Flash

  • Nortel Compact 8 X 24
  • Nortel Compact 6 X16
  • Nortel Compact 3 X 8
  • Nortel Call Pilot
  • Nortel Startalk Flash
  • Nortel Switches

  • Nortel M7316 Phone
  • Nortel M7324 Phone
  • Nortel M7310 Phone
  • Nortel Conference Phones
  • Nortel VoIP Phones
  • Option 11, Meridian, etc.

Avaya Has Purchased Nortel

In 2010, Avaya completed the purchase of Nortel including the Norstar, Meridian, and BCM line of phone systems. There has been a planned end of sale of the venerable line of PBX's such as the BCM, Call Pilot, Compact ICS, and Modular ICS. Avaya has implemented a migration strategy to allow owners of Nortel Norstar Systems to leverage the cost of their desk phones for use with the Avaya IP Office PBX System, of which IP Office Techs has been selling and installing for 6 years now.

This has come to pass and as of June 2011 the previously mentioned product lines (with the exception of certain phone models) are not being sold as new. Please be aware that IP Office Techs will continue to service and program these PBX units and will replace them on request if parts are in stock. We anticiapate the parts will be available for many years to come on a refurbished basis. It will become increasingly difficult, however, to obtain licenses to increase feature counts, such as for example, the number of mailboxes available in a system.

Existing Nortel Phones Can Be Used in the New Avaya System

Avaya IP Office can now support legacy Nortel Norstar Digital and VoIP phones on the Avaya IP Office Platform Release 7. These phones include but are not limited to the popular T7316, T7316e, T7208, M7208, M7310, and M7324. Through the use of a new plug in module to the IP Office main chassis or stackable add-on modules such as the TCM-30, the capacity for the phones per system can be expanded to near 300. Furthermore these phones may be blended with the feature-rich set of of new and legacy Avaya phones. Theses include the new 9500 series which come with backlit screens, color display, touch screens, and bluetooth.

Rich New Feature Set

Certain features of the Nortel line were not upgraded with modern business concepts in mind. The Avaya IP Office System is packed with new features and useability that our Nortel customers have asked for such as:

  • Forward to cell phone (with no loss of audio level or quality)
  • Caller displays on phone before you pick up the handset
  • No moving parts on main unit, system will not crash due to hard drive failure
  • Meet Me Conference Calls
  • Voicemail may be forwarded to your e-mail inbox or smart phone
  • SIP Trunking (allows connection to low cost phone lines over the Internet)
  • Road Warrior (Mobile Twinning) feature that allows you to pick up a call on either your desk phone or cell. If the call is picked up on the cell, you can seemlessly transfer the call to your desk phone with the push of a button
  • Telecommuter Mode uses your home PC and phone line as if you were in the office (no charges to your home phone)
  • Hi Capacity Digital Phone Lines (such as T1 and PRI)
  • DID Numbers (individual for each user)
  • Choice of carriers (such as Time Warner, PaeTec, BroadVox, GrandStream and more)
  • Faxing to and from the Desktop (with an add on module)
  • PC Based Operator Console for increased productivity
  • Multi-site Capability and Redundancy (for example, use one operator across sites and dial remote extensions without toll charges)
  • Internal and External Paging
  • Many Avaya phones have paperless labels so that buttons are always labelled correctly (labels are on the LCD screen)
  • Internal Music on Hold (no additional modules required)
  • User-friendly PC based graphical management tool
  • Real-time display of system activity, capacity, errors and alrerts
  • Easy backup of configuration to your PC
  • Integrated Ethernet port for PC based productivity tools and remote support
  • Call Recording (Optional Avaya Product)
  • Call Center (Optional Avaya Product)